When you’re working on a site that will have DMS enabled, you need to make sure you add the sc:VisitorIdentification control to the head tag of all of your layouts:

<sc:VisitorIdentification runat="server" />

What this tag does is it generates a link tag which points to a Sitecore ASPX page that renders as a CSS file with an empty class definition. The purpose of this link tag is to help Sitecore Analytics distinguish between real users and robots that are visiting the site. When a real user is visiting the site, his or her browser will follow all links on the page, including CSS links. On the other hand, robots crawling websites tend to ignore links to CSS and JavaScript files. So when Sitecore Analytics is trying to determine if the current visitor is a real user or a robot, it checks if the current visitor downloaded the CSS file as well. If it did then it considers it a real user and keeps track of the user’s session. If it didn’t then it considers the user a robot and discards the session.

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    • Yes it is, but I suspect most developers are like you and me and they don’t read the guide. 😉

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